Montag, 4. August 2014

Connecting BT Module HC-06 to MultiWii

Background/Problem: By default the HC-06 module chips with the baudrate/protocol set to 9600/8N1, whereas the MWC itself expects 115200/8N1. 0) Preparing Module You need a USB to seriell converter in order to send AT commands to the BT device to change the baudrate. For communication itself you can use minicom. Once you have a connection, send AT to check that the connection and protocol is setup correctly. Now, in order to change baudrate to 115200 you have to send AT+BAUD8 command. The problem is that the modem itself responds as soon as it sees AT with OK. The reason for that is that it expects the complete command in less than 1 second. One way to deal with that is to send this command as Modem init string from minicom. You can setup the init string in the minicom options. Later on, just press and to send the string. The modem will respond with OK115200. For more details see also